FAQ: By 2030, What Percentage Of The U.S. Population Will Be Made Up Of Non-european Ethnic Groups?

What is the projected population of the United States in 2030?

Population projections for the United States from 2015 to 2060 (in millions)

Number of residents in millions
2030 359.4
2025 347.34
2020 334.5
2015 321.37

What is the racial breakdown of the United States 2020?

Growing Diversity in America White: 60.1% (Non-Hispanic) Hispanic: 18.5% Black: 12.2% Asian: 5.6%

What is the percentage increase for the African American population by the year 2050?

The black population, 38 million in 2005, will grow to 59 million in 2050, a rise of 56%.

What is the projected percentage of non Latinos whites older population in 2060?

Of those age 65 and older in 2060, 56.0 percent are expected to be non -Hispanic white, 21.2 percent Hispanic and 12.5 percent non -Hispanic black. In contrast, while 52.7 percent of those younger than 18 were non -Hispanic white in 2012, that number would drop to 32.9 percent by 2060.

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What percentage of the US population is black 2020?


White alone, percent  76.3%
Black or African American alone, percent (a)  13.4%
American Indian and Alaska Native alone, percent (a)  1.3%
Asian alone, percent (a)  5.9%


How many human races are there?

The world population can be divided into 4 major races, namely white/Caucasian, Mongoloid/Asian, Negroid/Black, and Australoid. This is based on a racial classification made by Carleton S.

What percentage of the US population was white in 1960?

The white population of the United States increased by 17.5 percent between 1950 and 1960, as compared with 26.7 percent for the nonwhite population, so that white persons constituted 88.6 percent of the total population in 1960 and 89.3 percent in 1950.

Which population does the US Census Bureau predict will become the US largest minority group by the year 2050?

The group predicted to post the most dramatic gain is the Hispanic population. It is projected to nearly triple, from 46.7 million to 132.8 million, from 2008 through 2050, the bureau said. Its share of the total U.S. population is expected to double from 15 to 30 percent.

How many adults in the US are over 2020?

the United States 2020 population is estimated at 331,002,651 people at mid year according to UN data. the United States population is equivalent to 4.25% of the total world population. the U.S.A. ranks number 3 in the list of countries (and dependencies) by population.

For which group of people will the projected increase of people over age 65 grow the most from 2015 to 2060?

For the oldest age group, those 65 and over, the foreign-born population is expected to nearly double its share, increasing from 13 percent in 2014 to 26 percent in 2060.

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What percent of US population is 18 29?

18-29: 53.7 million (16.4%) [pop share down] 18-34: 76.2 million (23.2%) [pop share down]

What group is projected to be the largest in the US in 2060?

By 2060, non- whites will make up 57 percent of the U.S. population, more than doubling from 116.2 million in 2012 to 241.3 million, according to projections by the U.S. Census Bureau released on Wednesday. Racial minorities are now 37 percent of the population, it said.

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