FAQ: How To European Mount An Elk Skull?

How do you prepare a skull for a European mount?

How To Make a European Mount

  1. Remove the skin from the skull.
  2. Gently boil the skull in saltwater for about 2 hours and check it.
  3. After you’ve picked some of the meat off, put the skull back in the pot for an hour or so.
  4. I use an electric power washer (a garden hose with high speed nozzle will work) to blast the meat and soft tissue off the skull.

How do you attach a European mount elk to a plaque?

drill hole through the plaque. then attach the butterfly portion to the bolt and stick that into the large hole on the back of the skull and it will open up. Then you can just tighten the bolt until the skull is snug on the plaque.

How long to boil elk skull for European mount?

Pressure WashingTo achieve boil -quality results, you need a pressure washer rated around 3,000 psi and 30 minutes. Lower-pressure units take longer to strip meat and too much pressure could damage fragile bones.

How much does an elk European mount cost?


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Shoulder Mount European Mount
Antelope $795 $225
Deer $795 $225
Elk $1,395 $345
Black Bear $795 $225


What to use to whiten a European mount?

You can buy powders that you mix with water and brush onto the skull. They don’t do much other than coat the skull with white powder and do a poor job of actually whitening the bone. Hydrogen peroxide is the way to go.

Can you bury a deer head for European mount?

Easiest Way to Clean a Deer Skull: Part 1. The European Mounts are gaining popularity. You can bury the skull. Or you soak the skull in warm water for about a month (Maceration).

How much does a European skull mount cost?

North American Species

Deer – Mule Add $40 if lower jaw is included $149
Longhorn Steer/Cow $295 Add $50 if lower jaw is included $295 & Up
Moose Add $50 if lower jaw is included $425
Mountain Goat Add $40 if lower jaw is included $199
Musk Ox (Skull Plate) $245


How do you display a European mount?

So let’s get the basics out of the way first. Typically a european deer mount is simply hung on the wall via a nail or screw that goes in the occipital foramen (the hole in the back of the head). Or, you can just display your skull mount on a desk or counter.

Can you drill into a deer skull?

First off, you need to mark the plaque at the exact spot where the drilled hole in the skull will make a perfect match when you finally mount the skull to the wood. After you mark the spot on the wood plaque, drill it with the 3/8s inch drill bit only halfway through.

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How do you install shed antlers?

You’ll drill a hole up into the base of each shed antler and attach them with the included screw in the kit. In about 15 minutes, you can have a great looking european mount with your shed antlers! Mountain Mike’s Skull Master european mount kit are perfect for shed deer antlers! Just drill, fasten, hang, & enjoy.

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