FAQ: What European Country Eats The Most Dairy?

What country consumes the most dairy?

Countries Who Drink the Most Milk

Rank  Country Per Capita Milk Consumption (Kg)
1 Finland 361.19
2 Sweden 355.86
3 Netherlands 320.15
4 Switzerland 315.78


Which European country eats the most cheese?

Countries Who Consume the Most Cheese

Rank Country Cheese Consumption (kg Per Capita)
1 Denmark 28.1
2 Iceland 27.7
3 Finland 27.3
4 France 27.2


Which country consumes the most cheese 2020?

Europe has the highest level of per capita cheese consumption. In 2020, European people on average ate 18.44 kilograms of cheese. U.S. and Canada came in second and third in that year at 17.4 and 14.3 kilograms of cheese per capita.

What country drinks the least milk?

The countries that consume the least amount of milk are:

  • Laos – 2.92 kg/capita.
  • Liberia – 3.04 kg/capita.
  • Cambodia – 3.47 kg/capita.
  • North Korea – 3.79 kg/capita.
  • Burundi – 4.6 kg/capita.
  • Mozambique. – 4.79 kg/capita.
  • Ivory Coast – 6.36 kg/capita.
  • Sierra Leone – 7 kg/capita.
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What country consumes the most meat?

Countries that eat the most meat – ranked

Rank Country Grams
1 Hong Kong SAR, China 419.6
2 Australia 318.5
3 United States 315.5
4 Argentina 293.8


What country eats most bread?

As of 2000, the country with the largest per capita consumption of bread is Turkey with 199.6 kg (440 lb) per person. Turkish people eat more than three times their own body weight in bread annually.

What country doesnt eat cheese?

China’s historical distaste for cheese In much of East Asia this was the traditional way they looked at cheese, the stereotype stuck, and it worked to dissuade the country from relying on cheese as a food staple.

What is the most eaten cheese in the world?

As previously mentioned, the most popular cheese in the world appears to be cheddar as it reported the highest sales.

Which country has most cheese?

According to the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, the U.S. leads the world in cheese production at 11.1 billion pounds, followed by Germany at 4.81 billion, France at 4.27 billion, and Italy at 2.55 billion.

Which country produce more cheese?

The largest producer of cheese is USA, accounting for 30% of world production, followed by Germany and France. The biggest exporter of cheese by monetary value is France; the second, Germany (although it is the first by quantity).

What is the best selling cheese in America?

In 2011, 33 pounds per person of cheese were available for consumption in the United States, an increase of 0.2 pounds per person from 2010. Mozzarella surpassed cheddar as America’s most popular cheese for the second year in a row.

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Which country drinks most water?

In 2018, Mexico and Thailand had the highest per capita consumption of bottled water worldwide, at 72.4 gallons of bottled water per person. Coming in second place was Italy with 50.3 billion gallons of per capita consumption in that year.

What country drinks the most alcohol?

Belarus, a small landlocked country in Europe, consumed the greatest average number of liters of pure alcohol per capita. On average, its citizens consumed 14.4 liters each year, over 1.5 times more than Americans.

Why do we drink cow milk and not human milk?

Amount of fat and other micro components are same except lactose and proteins. Whey proteins are about 80% of total protein in human milk which can be digested easily while it is present only 20% of total protein in cow milk. That’s why cow milk is used and modifications are done to make it like human milk.

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