Often asked: European Hinges How To Install?

How does a European hinge work?

With traditional hinges, you have to remove screws or hinge pins to remove doors. Euro hinges like this one just snap onto mounting plates so you can instantly check the door’s fit. Then pull a release lever to remove the door for finishing.

How much does a full overlay hinge cover?

1 Answer. A ” Full ” Overlay normally means it overlays 3/4″ inch. This is because it is made to fully overlap a 3/4″ faceless plywood end. These will often be intended for side mounted hinges.

Can you change exposed hinges to hidden hinges?

Many older kitchens out there have exposed hinges, where you can see the hinge mounted to the cabinet frame. By swapping out that hinge for an updated, hidden hinge, the transformation can really take a space from dated to modern, just like that. HOWEVER, they did swap out their exposed cabinet hinges for hidden ones.

What is a Euro hinge?

A European hinge is a concealed hinge that you can’t see when the kitchen cabinet doors are closed. Although the hinge is made in different styles and sizes, it has two mounting plates connected via an arm.

What is a European style hinge?

European style hinges are a modern high-tech hinge for cabinets. European hinges may also be commonly referred to Blum or Grass hinges, as these are two of the main manufacturers of this type of hinge. They are typically comprised of two parts: the hinge and the mounting plate.

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What is a Blum hinge?

Blum “European-style” hinges are easily adjustable for foolproof installation! Simply turn a screw or cam to make sideway and height adjustments for perfect cabinet door alignment. Side Adjustment Regulates the gaps between doors, cabinets and walls for perfect parallel alignment.

What color hinges for white cabinets?

Brass (gold tone) Bright and polished brass knobs or drawer pulls look classy and timeless on white kitchen cabinetry and drawers. Choosing hardware with this goldtone color looks lovely on a kitchen with a traditional, contemporary, or farmhouse appeal.

Can you put hidden hinges on old cabinets?

It really is amazing what hidden hinges can do to update the look of any cabinetry. And if you ever get the chance to fully replace your cabinets or cabinet doors, you can reuse these hinges. This type of hinge is not cheap, so the more mileage you can get out of them, the better.

How do you install an easy mount hinge?

Drill (2) holes 1⁄2″ deep with a 7⁄64″ drill at the top edge of the door as indicated in the illustration. Repeat the procedure at the bottom of the door. Mount the hinges on the door using (2) #6 x 5⁄8″ Phillips pan head screws per hinge. Tighten the screws just enough to hold the hinges in place.

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