Often asked: How Much Is A European Rail Pass?

How much is a Eurorail pass for a month?

The most expensive pass is now the three- month unlimited pass, which starts at $1,019 and goes up to $1,358 when bought directly through Eurail. Considering that a two- month unlimited pass costs between $826 to $1,102, however, you’re only paying a few hundred more for an entire extra month of unlimited train travel.

Is the Eurail Pass worth it?

A Eurail pass is only worth getting if it saves you money. That means you have to do a lot of math to figure out if a pass is right or not. It can be a time-consuming process but is certainly worth it in the end. Just like the airlines, prices are now variable and no longer fixed.

What is the best rail pass for Europe?

The Eurail country pass and its many iterations. There are Eurail passes to fit all types of trip but the flagship, and most comprehensive one, is the Eurail Global Pass, which covers travel to 28 European countries.

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Is it cheaper to buy a Eurail pass or individual tickets?

5. Don’t use your Eurail pass if a point-to-point ticket is cheaper. Always check the prices for normal tickets when you are using train travel in Europe. It may be cheaper to buy an individual ticket than your one trip on the pass is worth.

Do they check passports on trains in Europe?

Although in most European countries there are no passport border checks, companies can refuse to board you if you do not have a travelling passport (or some other ID proving that you are in Europe legally).

What is the cheapest way to travel to Europe?

The Cheapest Way to Travel Europe: 11 Budget Vacation Tips

  1. Start With Cheap European Destinations.
  2. Slow Down and Stay Awhile.
  3. Get Out of the European Capitals (and Venice)
  4. Make the Most of Free Attractions in Europe.
  5. Get a Transportation Pass.
  6. Look Deeper for Europe Hotel Deals.
  7. Live Like a European Local.
  8. Get on a Bike in Europe.

What is the easiest way to travel around Europe?

5 Best Ways to Travel Around Europe

  1. Take a Bus. A very cheap way to travel around Europe, including between cities, or across borders is using the bus.
  2. Catch a Train. Europe has great transport connections and this includes the railway.
  3. Take a plane.
  4. Rent a car or camper.
  5. Go on a tour or cruise.

Do Eurail passes go on sale?

Eurail train Passes are on sale with a 20% discount during the end-of-year sale *. There’s no rush to travel as the rail Passes can be used within 11 months after purchase for travel in up to 33 countries in Europe. When they are ready, travellers can choose a start date up to 11 months after purchase.

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Does Eurail Pass work in Switzerland?

If your Eurail Pass is valid in Switzerland, you can get free or cheap boat trips, discounts on rail travel and other benefits. You can obtain benefits locally by showing your Eurail Pass, or you can contact the specific benefit company in advance.

Is there a train that runs through Europe?

This train journey takes you through some of Northern Europe’s higlights – from cosmopolitan capital cities to storybook canalside towns and through the Alps on board one of Europe’s most spectacular train journeys. Catch the Bernina Express the following morning – one of the most scenic train rides in Europe.

What’s the difference between Eurail and InterRail?

The only difference is that InterRail Passes are for Europeans and Eurail passes are for non-Europeans but it is important to select correctly. You are not eligible for a Eurail Pass if you are a European resident nor are you eligible for an InterRail Pass if you do not reside in Europe.

Is there a train that goes around Europe?

Europe’s rail network is extremely vast so it is possible to travel to even small towns by train. Most destinations offer multiple trains a day. The most popular routes usually have a train each hour so getting to where you want to go is rarely difficult.

Is Eurail first class worth it?

If you’re seeking comfort, serenity, and deluxe amenities — you’ll have to leave international spy intrigue to the cinema — then 1st class usually remains the best option. Depending on the route, you’ll find that the extra amenities may make 1st class worth the upgrade.

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Does the Eurail Pass cover high speed trains?

Many European high – speed trains are included in the Eurail passes, but the reservations for these trains are not included in your Pass. Reservations for high – speed trains are often mandatory and need to be booked in advance. Your reservation will guarantee you a seat.

Does Eurail Pass cover local trains?

In some countries your Eurail Pass even allows you free travel on local public subway and metro lines. There are a few terms and conditions that you must meet, specific to the city or country. But in cities where you’re allowed to travel on certain local lines with your Eurail Pass, it will count as a travel day.

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