Often asked: How Much Is Unlimited Wax Pass At European Wax Center?

What is Unlimited Wax Pass?

The Unlimited Wax Pass ® is one price, one year, no restrictions. Here’s how it works: when you purchase a set of services at once, you’ll save up to 25% off the regular price of pay-as-you-go waxing.

How much is the European Wax Center?

European Wax Center Prices

service price
Bikini (Full) $40.00
Bikini (Line) $33.00
Chest (Strip) $19.00
Chest (Full) $28.00


Can I cancel my wax pass European Wax Center?

We have a 30-Day Cancellation Policy for Wax Passes.

How much should you tip your waxer?

How much should you tip for a wax? While most people tip between 10 to 20 percent for a wax, staff would really like you to tip anywhere from 15 to 25 percent for a job well done, Grochowska said. For a quick brow wax (that may be priced at $10 or less), a couple of dollars for tip is fair and appropriate.

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How often should you get a Brazilian wax?

But, for a full bikini or Brazilian bikini service, you’re recommended to come in every three to four weeks. This allows the proper amount of time for regrowth.” That time for regrowth ensures all of the hair gets taken care of when you wax, not the most prominent ones.

Does European Wax Center wax legs?

Sure, hair removal can be tricky—especially if it’s a part of your body that’s hard to reach—but the Wax Specialists at EWC totally have your back. (Or chest. Or neck. Or legs …)

Does a Brazilian wax include bum crack?

Either way, both variations of the Brazilian wax make their way from the front to the back, so yes, the butt strip is part of the regular service. Specifically, a Brazilian wax entails removing hair from: Inner backside ( bum crack ).

Should I trim my hair before a Brazilian wax?

You always want to make sure you trim any longer hairs before the waxing appointment. “Let your hair grow after every treatment,” suggests Davidov. “Don’t wax every two weeks—instead, every four to five weeks after your treatment. Also, don’t try to trim your hair if you’ve waited too long between waxes.

Can you get a Brazilian wax if your hair is short?

The bottom line Before waxing, grow your hair out to at least 1/4-inch long — 1/2-inch long at the most. If it’s too short, you might want to reschedule your appointment. If it’s too long, lightly trim the area or ask a technician to help you out.

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Is waxing better than shaving?

Although the results are fairly similar, there’s one key difference: how long they last. On average, waxing lasts around 3 or 4 weeks because the hair is removed at the root. Hair grows back much faster with shaving, though — within 3 days to a week. This is because shaving only removes the top layer of the hair.

Can I get a Brazilian wax on my period?

Can I get a bikini wax or Brazilian if I’m having my period? Absolutely! Just keep in mind that your pubic area is often more sensitive during this time, so you may experience more discomfort than usual. In order to successfully complete the service, you will need to wear a tampon.

Can hair be too long waxing?

In general, hair has to be about ¼” long for wax to be able to grab onto it. If it’s not long enough, then you (or your technician) may not be able to remove it, especially if it’s thick. In fact, it can make getting a good wax way harder. If hair is 1/2″ long or longer, you can run into some real problems.

What should you not do after waxing?

Avoid hot baths or showers. Wear loose-fitting clothing to avoid friction and irritation. Avoid perfumed products, lotions, and creams, which can irritate sensitized skin. Apply an over-the-counter cortisone cream on the waxed area to reduce inflammation.

What is Brazilian wax etiquette?

13 Things You Really Want to Know Before Your First (or Next) Bikini Wax

  1. Grow out your hair for four weeks.
  2. Pop an Advil before your appointment.
  3. Don’t go five days before or five days after your period.
  4. Exfoliate the night or morning before your wax.
  5. Work out before your wax, but not after.
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What does the Brazilian wax look like?

A Brazilian wax leaves a small strip of hair (triangle-, square-, rectangle-, or oval- shaped ) at the front of the pubic area while removing all surrounding hair, including the hair on your backside. Your waxer will take off most of your pubic hair in the front, leaving a small triangle or rectangular strip.”

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