Often asked: How To Get A European Passport As An American?

How can an American become an EU citizen?

Anyone is eligible for a European passport, provided that they pursue one of the following three options:

  1. Get European citizenship through your descent or ancestry.
  2. Get EU citizenship through naturalization.
  3. Apply for a European passport through a Citizenship by Investment Program.

Can you get EU citizenship through ancestry?

The first and easiest way to get a European citizenship and passport is through your ancestry and descent. You may be eligible for European citizenship by descent if you have parents, grandparents or even great- grandparents from Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Poland and a number of other EU countries.

Can you have dual US and EU citizenship?

This can save you time and money if you can use your second nationality to enter a country that requires Americans to get a visa. For example, dual American and EU citizens can enter the EU without issue during the pandemic regardless of their country of residence.

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Which EU country gives easy citizenship?

The Easiest OVERALL Option for EU Citizenship. Portugal is a great country to get citizenship from. Its passport is first-class, with visa-free access to 159 countries in 2020.

Which country is the hardest to get citizenship?

1. Vatican City. Vatican City is one of the smallest countries on Earth having about 450 citizens only. It has the toughest immigration policies, and that’s one of the reasons for its small population.

Can I become a European citizen?

Citizenship by descent (aka ancestry) is by far the easiest and cheapest way to become a European citizen for those who are eligible. In order to qualify, you need to have either parents, grandparents, or in some cases, great-grandparents who are/were born citizens of the European country in question.

Which country is most easy to get citizenship?

Easy countries for Citizenship by Birth Place

  • Canada.
  • Fiji.
  • Jamaica.
  • Mexico.
  • Panama.
  • St Kitts and Nevis.
  • The United States of America (USA)
  • Uruguay.

What are the benefits of having an EU passport?

12 benefits of EU citizenship

  • Benefit 1 – no need for visas.
  • Benefit 2 -full working & residential rights.
  • Benefit 3 – subsidised tertiary education & scholarships.
  • Benefit 4 – set up and grow your start-up or SME.
  • Benefit 5 – right to consular protection by EU member states.
  • Benefit 6 – access to national health care benefits.

Can you get a European passport if your grandparents were born there?

While the world stage and its politics are ever-changing, for now these are the countries that allow U.S. citizens to apply for a passport through grandparent lineage: Germany, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Latvia and Armenia.

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Can I travel with 2 passports?

Not only can you live abroad, but you can use your second passport to access more countries visa-free. Plus, the coronavirus outbreak has made dual citizenship even more useful — in a world where many borders are closed to Americans, having a second passport means you may be able to travel where others can ‘t.

What are the disadvantages of dual citizenship?

Drawbacks of being a dual citizen include the potential for double taxation, the long and expensive process for obtaining dual citizenship, and the fact that you become bound by the laws of two nations.

Can you have 3 passports?

With the talk of dual nationality and references to your country of origin and/or your adopted country, you may ask whether, if you already have dual nationality, you can acquire a third nationality. This is known as multiple citizenship rather than triple citizenship. Multiple citizenship is permitted in the UK.

Which country gives free citizenship?

Ecuador joins countries where Indians easily get citizenship due to their citizenship by investment programme. It’s a small but developing country in the top west coast of South America having immense tourism and economic potential.

Is there a EU passport?

An EU passport is a passport issued by one of the 27 member states of the European Union and allows you to travel visa-free between all EU countries, and to a large number of third-countries the EU has bilateral agreements with.

What is the easiest European country to move to?

Spain and Portugal are expat favorites and offer easy paths to residency. The Netherlands and Germany are relatively good options for freelancers and those who are self-employed. Tips For More Difficult Countries: Some of the most difficult countries to move to are Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Iceland.

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