Often asked: The Berlin Conference, Attended Only By European National Leaders, Met For What Purpose?

What was the purpose of the Berlin Conference?

Known as The Berlin Conference, they sought to discuss the partitioning of Africa, establishing rules to amicably divide resources among the Western countries at the expense of the African people. Of these fourteen nations at the Berlin Conference, France, Germany, Great Britain, and Portugal were the major players.

Why did European leaders meet at the 1884 Berlin Conference?

The correct answer is “To agree on the division of African territory between European powers”.

Who attended the Berlin conference?

The Berlin conference included 13 European powers and the United States. They were, Austria- Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Ottoman Empire, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Spain, Sweden- Norway, United Kingdom, and the United States.

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What was the purpose of the Berlin conference quizlet?

What was the purpose of the Berlin Conference? To divide Africa into colonies by the Europeans.

What was the purpose and impact of the Berlin Conference?

The Berlin Conference of 1884-1885 set the ground rules for the colonization of Africa by European powers. The event helped to ease tensions that were growing as a result of the competition for resources in Africa. It had a dramatic and lasting negative impact on the nations of Africa.

What were three conditions of the Berlin Conference of 1884 85?

What were three conditions of the Berlin Conference of 1884 – 85? Slave trade was allowed. Most lakes and waterways were considered neutral. Africa would be divided among European nations and America.

Who divided up Africa?

Representatives of 13 European states, the United States of America and the Ottoman Empire converged on Berlin at the invitation of German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck to divide up Africa among themselves “in accordance with international law.” Africans were not invited to the meeting.

What did the 15 European countries who met at the Berlin conference in 1884 determine?

Explanation: Berlin Conference 1884 -85. (also known as the Congolese Conference and West African Conference ) regulated European colonization and trade in Africa. in other words legalized the wars, exterminations and looting of an entire continent.

Which European country gained the most land in Africa?

Great Britain won the most land in Africa and was “given” Nigeria, Egypt, Sudan, Kenya, and South Africa after defeating the Dutch Settlers and Zulu Nation. The agreements made in Berlin still affect the boundaries of African countries today.

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How was Africa divided up at the Berlin Conference?

At the time of the conference, 80 percent of Africa remained under traditional and local control. What ultimately resulted was a hodgepodge of geometric boundaries that divided Africa into 50 irregular countries. This new map of the continent was superimposed over 1,000 indigenous cultures and regions of Africa.

Which countries attended Berlin conference as observers?

In order to avert war, Chancellor Bismarck of Germany called an International Conference held in Berlin from November, 1884 to February 1885. The countries represented at the conference included Belgium, Britain, Denmark, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Germany and the USA while USA and Denmark attended as observers.

Who was the first country to colonize Africa?

The British colonized Africa in about 1870. When they heard of all of Africa’s valuable resources such as gold, ivory, salt and more, they did not hesitate on conquering the land. They wanted these resources because they needed them for manufacturing.

What was the result of the Berlin Conference of 1884 quizlet?

What happened as a result of the Berlin Conference of 1884 -1885? Europeans divided Africa into colonies without consulting African leaders. What was the main cause of inadequate food supplies in Africa during European colonization? Europeans insisted on the growth of cash crops, such as cotton.

What was the outcome of the Berlin Conference of 1884 quizlet?

The Berlin Conference was intended to reduce the conflict between European Nations and discard the slave trade, but ultimately divided up Africa to the European Nations.

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What impact did the Berlin conference have on Africa quizlet?

How did the Berlin Conference change the map of Africa? The European powers made decisions about dividing Africa. No Africans were invited to the meeting. By 1914, Africa had been partitioned into many countries.

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