Often asked: What European Language Should I Learn?

What is the best language to learn in Europe?

Best European languages to Study in College

  1. Spanish. A predominant language in America, with fluent Spanish-speaking residents of the country numbering over 41 million.
  2. French. In the United States, French is not as predominant as Spanish, but it’s quite common in the rest of the world.
  3. Chinese/Mandarin.
  4. German.
  5. Portuguese.

Which foreign language is in demand in Europe?

With a total of 75 million speakers in 39 countries, French is still a very popular language today. In fact, it’s estimated that around 220 million people also speak French as a second language, and that number is projected to rise to 750 million by 2050, possibly even overtaking English and Mandarin.

What is the most beautiful European language?

And the most beautiful languages in the world are…

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What are the 3 most common languages?

Which Languages Have the Most Speakers?

Rank Language Total Speakers
1 English 1,132 million
2 Mandarin Chinese 1,117 million
3 Hindi 615 million
4 Spanish 534 million

What will be the most spoken language in 2050?

French could become the most spoken language in the world by 2050!

Which foreign language is highly paid?

Chinese is the highest paid language Of the 10 languages analysed, Chinese speakers are the highest paid, earning Rs 11,89,234 per year on average in December — more than double the average yearly salary in India during that period.

Is the German language dying?

Much too many people speak German as a native language, and the fact that it’s an Indoeuropean language makes it less likely to die out. Right, so the language isn’t dying, but it has definitely changed. According to Thomas Steinfeld, German is an invention of the late 1800s.

Which foreign language pays the most?

Highest Paid Foreign Languages In 2021

  1. English. English is the largest language by the number of speakers, and the third most spoken native language in the world.
  2. French. French is a language of romance with 80 million native and over 153 million non-native speakers.
  3. German.
  4. Spanish.
  5. Italian.
  6. Arabic.

What is the ugliest language?

Ugliest is by far Cantonese (sounds like people cursing at each other) followed by Danish (sounds like German and Swedish had a messed up child), Welsh (sounds like people chocking on potatoes), Mandarin (the “sh”, “dzh” and “sch” sounds drive me crazy), and Haitian Creole (sounds like the speaker is performing

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What is the ugliest sounding language?

The world’s ugliest languages Vietnamese took the top spot as the world’s least attractive language, with the site claiming (rather harshly) that it “sounds like a duck being brutalized.” Somali came next, followed by Chinese and Turkish (apparently due to its lack of melody and monotonic sound ).

Which is the hardest language in the world to learn?

The Hardest Languages In The World To Learn

  • Mandarin. Right at the top is the most spoken language in the world: Mandarin.
  • Arabic. Number two, Arabic, challenges English speakers because most letters are written in 4 different forms depending on where they’re placed in a word.
  • Japanese.
  • Hungarian.
  • Korean.
  • Finnish.
  • Basque.
  • Navajo.

Which language is widely spoken in the world?

Top 10 Languages By Total Number Of Speakers

  • English. 1.132 billion total speakers.
  • Mandarin Chinese. 1.117 billion total speakers.
  • Hindi. 615 million total speakers.
  • Spanish. 534 million total speakers.
  • French. 280 million total speakers.
  • Standard Arabic. 274 million total speakers.
  • Bengali. 265 million total speakers.
  • Russian.

Which language is best to learn?

The World’s Top 10 Languages to learn

  • Mandarin. Mandarin is one of the fastest growing languages in the world.
  • Spanish. The importance of speaking Spanish continues to grow.
  • German. German ranks fourth in most used world languages.
  • Portuguese. Portuguese ranks just behind Spanish as the most spoken language in Latin America.
  • Arabic.
  • French.
  • Japanese.
  • Russian.

What is the most spoken language in the world 2020?

The top 12 most spoken languages in the world

  • English (1,132 million speakers)
  • Mandarin Chinese (1,117 million speakers)
  • Hindi (615 million speakers)
  • Spanish (534 million speakers)
  • Arabic (274 million speakers)
  • Bangla / Bengali (265 million speakers)
  • Russian (258 million speakers)
  • Portuguese (234 million speakers)

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