Often asked: What Is A Blue Card In The European Parliament?

Who is eligible for EU blue card?

EU Blue Card Eligibility Criteria Have a Master’s Degree or equivalent. Have at least 5 years of experience in your field. Have a work contract or a job offer for highly qualified employment for at least one year. Meet the minimum salary threshold in the EU country in which you want to work.

What is European blue card?

The EU Blue Card is Europe’s answer to the US Green Card. The EU Blue Card is a work- and residence permit for non- EU /EEA nationals. The European Blue Card provides comprehensive socio-economic rights and a path towards permanent residence and EU citizenship.

How does the EU Blue Card work?

The European Blue Card is a work permit to undertake employment in Europe. This blue card grants entry and residence to highly qualified workers.

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What is the difference between EU blue card and residence permit?

The EU Blue Card is similar to the Temporary Residence Permit, but it targets a specific group of people and has longer validity. The EU Blue Card is for foreign nationals of non- EU countries who are highly skilled in a profession and want to work in Germany.

Is EU Blue Card easy to get?

Though technically any non- EU citizen is eligible to apply for a Blue Card, applicants typically must also have a university degree and a job offer with a minimum one-year contract.

How much does it cost to get a blue card?

an eligibility declaration; or. 1. Biller Code Select the relevant biller code (see table below)

Application type Fee Biller code
Blue Card (new or renewal) $93.95 1396134
Volunteer to Paid Transfer $93.95 1396134
Replacement Card $14.20 1396142
Application to cancel a negative notice $93.95 1396134

What is the difference between blue card and work permit Germany?

The German work permit provides the same working rights as a Blue Card without the requirement of a university degree. As a developer, if your salary is within the average range for your role and your employer can justify their choice to hire you over a local applicant, you are likely eligible for this working visa.

What is the minimum salary to get blue card in Germany?

A reduced minimum annual gross salary of 44,304 Euros applies to employment in the occupational fields of mathematics, computer science, the natural sciences, engineering and human medicine (not including dentistry) (as of 2021 – the salary thresholds are readjusted for each calendar year).

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Can I work in UK with EU blue card?

UK Nationals now need a permit, such as the EU Blue Card, in order to work legally in an EU country. The United Kingdom government, on November 12th, signed into law the Immigration Act, which on December 31, at 11 pm, ends the freedom of movement in the UK for all EU citizens.

Can I work in Switzerland with EU blue card?

The EU Blue Card, which is available in many other European countries and allows a higher degree of freedom for holders, can not be used in Switzerland.

Is EU Blue Card permanent residence?

The EU Blue Card is a temporary right of residence. It is issued initially for a maximum of four years. Holders of an EU Blue Card can be granted a permanent residence permit (Niederlassungserlaubnis) under facilitated conditions; according to German language proficiency after 33 resp.

How can I immigrate to the EU?

Options for Moving to Europe: To legally reside in a European country long term, you need a foreign residence and/or work permit. The first step is usually applying for a visa from your home country. Once approved, that visa allows you to enter the country you’re moving to with your U.S. passport.

Can I live in Germany if I marry a German?

If you marry a German citizen, you can also get citizenship by applying for naturalization. Foreign nationals who are already married to a German national must still meet all naturalization requirements and pass the test.

What is the benefit of EU blue card?

An EU Blue Card gives highly-qualified workers from outside the EU the right to live and work in an EU country, provided they have higher professional qualifications, such as a university degree, and an employment contract or a binding job offer with a high salary compared to the average in the EU country where the job

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What is blue card holder in Germany?

The EU Blue Card is the main residence permit for university graduates from abroad. It is a simple and unbureaucratic procedure geared to third-country nationals keen to put their talents to use in Germany. After 33 months of residence, Blue Card holders are eligible for a settlement permit.

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