One Of The Major Figures Of European Philosophy Who Had A Direct Effect On Music History Was?

How does a composer’s work influence the musical forms of a period?

Composers wrote music to meet the needs of a more diverse audience. As a result, music forms during this period were simpler and less intense. The people grew disinterested with themes of ancient myths and instead favored themes they could relate to. Thus, composers wrote pieces that were easy to play.

How did baroque artists and composers bring drama to their works?

How did artists and composer bring drama to their Baroque works? – They used monody, which featured a solo singer with instrumental accompaniment. – This was used to recreate the musical- dramatic art of ancient Greece. What is new about the so-called new music at the beginning of the Baroque?

What musical instrument family is the heart of the classical orchestra?

The violin family of instruments consists of four members, each a standard member of the orchestra: violins, violas, cellos, and double basses.

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What remarkable developments in music happened during the classical period?

Over the Classical period, keyboard instruments became richer, more sonorous and more powerful. The orchestra increased in size and range, and became more standardised.

What are the 5 basic characteristics of classical music?

The Classical period

  • an emphasis on elegance and balance.
  • short well-balanced melodies and clear-cut question and answer phrases.
  • mainly simple diatonic harmony.
  • mainly homophonic textures (melody plus accompaniment) but with some use of counterpoint (where two or more melodic lines are combined)
  • use of contrasting moods.

What comes to your mind when you hear the word classical music?

Answer. Answer: Violin, pianos and musics that are fit for balls and banquets. music in theatre/broadway.

What does Baroque mean?

Baroque came to English from a French word meaning “irregularly shaped.” At first, the word in French was used mostly to refer to pearls. Eventually, it came to describe an extravagant style of art characterized by curving lines, gilt, and gold.

What was new in the Baroque period?

The Baroque period saw the creation of tonality. During the period, composers and performers used more elaborate musical ornamentation, made changes in musical notation, and developed new instrumental playing techniques.

What was the female role in the Baroque period?

Throughout the Baroque period, and much of the world’s artistic history, women have been portrayed as either saints or sinners, pictures of purity or wicked temptresses. If not soft and docile, women were depicted as whores, adulteresses and tricksters, wicked temptations to good men.

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What classifies music as classical?

Classical music is a very general term which normally refers to the standard music of countries in the western world. It is music that has been composed by musicians who are trained in the art of writing music (composing) and written down in music notation so that other musicians can play it.

What instruments were used in the classical period?

The orchestra became standardized. The Classical orchestra came to consist of strings (first and second violins, violas, violoncellos, and double basses), two flutes, two oboes, two clarinets, two bassoons, two or four horns, two trumpets, and two timpani.

What are the four main sections of the orchestra?

The Sections of the Orchestra. The typical orchestra is divided into four groups of instruments: strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion.

What is the difference between Baroque and classical music?

Baroque music is tuneful and very organized and melodies tend to be highly decorated and elaborate. Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven composed during the Classical Period. Music from the Classical Period is orderly, balanced and clear. Chopin, Mendelssohn, Schubert and Schumann composed during the Romantic Period.

What influenced the classical period?

Some eighteenth-century composers tried to incorporate musical concepts from ancient times into their works, but most were more inspired by the Enlightenment ideals of rationalism and egalitarianism that seemed to be reflected in the naturalistic sculpture and austere architecture of ancient Greece and Rome.

Who invented classical music?

Bach and Gluck are often considered founders of the Classical style. The first great master of the style was the composer Joseph Haydn. In the late 1750s he began composing symphonies, and by 1761 he had composed a triptych (Morning, Noon, and Evening) solidly in the contemporary mode.

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