Question: European Countries And Who Speaks More Than One Language?

Which countries in Europe have more than one official language?

Most European countries have just one official language. Official languages of European countries.

Language European countries where the language is official
English United Kingdom (de facto) Ireland Malta
Russian Russia Belarus
Turkish Turkey Cyprus
Romanian Romania Moldova

Which countries speak more than one language?

Most Multilingual Countries In The World

  • India (23 official languages )
  • Zimbabwe (16 official languages )
  • South Africa (11 official languages )
  • Serbia (7 official languages )
  • Switzerland (4 national languages )
  • The Netherlands (4 official languages )
  • Moldova (4 official languages )
  • Singapore (4 official languages )

Can most Europeans speak multiple languages?

While 46% of Europeans speak only one language, the majority of Europeans actually do speak more than one language. 54% of Europeans are able to converse in one or more foreign languages and 10% of Europeans are impressively able to converse in at least three or more foreign languages.

What percent of Europe speaks multiple languages?

And the current generation is itself well on the way towards that goal: with 46% of the population, monolingual Europeans are now in the minority. 19% of Europeans are bilingual, 25% are trilingual and 10% speak four or more languages.

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Which country speaks English in Europe?

The English language is the de facto official language of England, the sole official language of Gibraltar and of Akrotiri and Dhekelia, and one of the official languages of the Republic of Ireland, Malta, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey and the European Union.

Which language is widely spoken in Europe?

English is still the most spoken language in the EU by far, with German now spoken by 36% of citizens and French spoken by 29% of the EU’s new smaller population of 446 million people. Italian comes fourth at 18%, followed by 17% for Spanish.

Which country has the most bilinguals?

Papua New Guinea is the most multilingual country, with over 839 living languages, according to Ethnologue, a catalogue of the world’s known languages. The site ranked countries and territories based on the number of languages spoken as a first language within their borders.

What countries have 2 official languages?

Luxembourg, Mauritius, South Africa (and just about any other African country ) And in addition to Cameroon and Seychelles, many African countries have more than one official language, as #1 mentioned. The Europesan languages they’ve inherited are mainly English and French.

Which country has the most dialects?

Papua New Guinea has the most languages, with 852 living languages. Indonesia comes in second, with 722 living languages. Third place goes to Nigeria, having 531 living languages.

What country is the least bilingual?

The Least Linguistically Diverse Countries in the World

Rank  Country Linguistic Diversity Index (Source: UNESCO)
1 Saint Helena
2 Vaitican City
3 Montenegro
4 Bermuda
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How many Europeans know a second language?

Just over half of Europeans (54%) are able to hold a conversation in at least one additional language, a quarter (25%) are able to speak at least two additional languages and one in ten (10%) are conversant in at least three.

Which European countries speak the most English?

English proficiency in European countries in 2019. This statistic presents the leading European countries by their level of English proficiency as of March 2019. According to data provided by Klazz, Sweden had the highest percentage of people who were proficient in English at 71 percent of the population.

What countries speak the least English?

The Methodology To narrow down this list, we first looked at the 13 countries where fewer than 10 percent of the population speaks English, according to The Telegraph. These include China, The Gambia, Malawi, Colombia, Swaziland, Brazil, Russia, Argentina, Algeria, Uganda, Yemen, Chile and Tanzania.

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