Question: How Did The Astrolabe Help European Explorers?

How did the astrolabe help European explorers Brainly?

It was an atlas containing detailed maps of all known lands. It was an instrument used to show a ship’s speed. It allowed sailors to better steer their ships.

How did the astrolabe help European explorers quizlet?

How did the astrolabe help European explorers? It enabled explorers to determine their position. European explorers such as Henry Hudson and Jacques Cartier came to North America in search of the Northwest Passage.

Why did people use the astrolabe?

Astrolabe, any of a type of early scientific instrument used for reckoning time and for observational purposes. One widely employed variety, the planispheric astrolabe, enabled astronomers to calculate the position of the Sun and prominent stars with respect to both the horizon and the meridian.

How did the astrolabe help navigate the seas?

The mariner’s astrolabe, also called sea astrolabe, was an inclinometer used to determine the latitude of a ship at sea by measuring the sun’s noon altitude (declination) or the meridian altitude of a star of known declination.

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How did the sextant help European explorers?

The sextant played a key role in the Age of Exploration by providing sailors with accurate readings of the latitude of their ships. However, the sextant could easily be used on ships because the horizon line and celestial body seemed to move together with the ship as it bounced over waves.

Which two of these events directly led to the beginning of European exploration?

The decline of Silk Road directly led to the beginning of European exploration.

Which technological advancement was the most important for European exploration?

One of the most important technological innovations of the time was the advent of the Caravel. This relatively diminutive sailing vessel found many uses during the Age of Exploration. First developed by the Portuguese in the 15th Century, these ships would become the workhorses of the seas.

How did technology help European exploration?

During the Age of Exploration many tools were needed to help it flourish. These tools were helpful mainly because they helped explorers travel across seas. The explorers were able to make their discoveries mainly because of these technological innovations.

What led to the European era of exploration quizlet?

Motivations that drove explorers from Europe to travel the world were, people were in search of fame and wealth, fame and glory. Some explorers spread the faith into new lands. Some explorers were also just curious.

Do we still use the Astrolabe today?

Even though astrolabes are extremely ancient technology, they ‘re still in use today and people still learn to make them as part of learning astronomy.

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What country invented the astrolabe?

Astrolabe history begins in ancient Greece. Many scholars credit Hipparchus, an ancient Greek astronomer and mathematician, with the invention of the astrolabe.

How accurate is an astrolabe?

The accuracy of astrolabes is limited because in ordinary use most of them cannot be read to less than about half a degree and because the scale varies with distance from the pole, expanding rapidly beyond the equator.

Is sextant better than astrolabe?

A sextant can measure an angle on any plane, and works by a principle of double reflection. An astrolabe can only measure angles in a vertical plane and was principally used for latitude-finding, although you can also use it for purposes such as finding the height of something.

What technology allowed Vikings to travel when there wasn’t any wind?

What technology allowed Vikings to travel when there wasn’t any wind? Oars. Astrolabe.

What star do sailors use to navigate?

The star Polaris, often called the “North Star “, is treated specially due to its proximity to the north celestial pole. When navigating in the Northern Hemisphere, special techniques can be used with Polaris to determine latitude or gyrocompass error.

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