Question: How To Get A Job In A European Hostel?

How do I get a job at a hostel?

Just type in “ hostel ” on the search bar and page after page of hostel jobs will pop up. Some hostels have a mix of paid positions and volunteer positions available. If you are a volunteer, you typically get free housing, some free meals, discounted excursions, and only work 4-5 hours 5 days a week.

Is it hard to get a job at hostels?

Pretty much everyone is out for a good time and, seeing as hostels are pretty laid back places, you’ll always have at least a little spare time to join in. That being said, it’s not easy. Like any place of work, you have to prove yourself. Positions are hard fought over and it’s no secret as to why.

Do hostels pay you?

Re: How do you pay in hostels in London? In my experience, hostels prefer cash, and some even ONLY accept cash, so yes, you can pay with cash. I’ve stayed at a couple of hostels that required a membership, but they just added a couple of pounds or euros on to the cost when I paid the balance upon arrival.

What is it like working at a hostel?

Working in a hostel is just like any other job: you’ll definitely have time off to take advantage of what the area has to offer. Hostels like to provide fun activities for their guests, and they want their volunteers to experience the local culture in a fun, social atmosphere as well.

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What is a hostel job?

Depending on the place, hostels will usually offer different events, parties, excursions, family-style dinners and other social activities to their guests. You can easily meet new, like-minded travelers in the common areas, and will most likely make new friends from all around the world!

What is the definition of a hostel?

1: inn. 2: an inexpensive lodging facility for usually young travelers that typically has dormitory-style sleeping arrangements and sometimes offers meals and planned activities. — called also youth hostel. 3 chiefly British: a supervised institutional residence or shelter (as for homeless people)

How do I find hostels when traveling?

Backpacker Hostel Tips:

  1. Avoid hostels that don’t provide lockers for your valuables.
  2. Earplugs & an eye-mask will help with late night noise & light.
  3. and HostelBookers are good sites to find a hostel.

What does a hostel manager do?

supervise staff and promote their development; build up effective teams to work within the statutory legislation regarding the homeless; keep records and a daily log book analysis of events; take decisive action when occupancy agreements are contravened.

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