Question: What European Country Was The First To Settle In Illinois?

Where did the first settlers of Illinois come from?

The French were the first Europeans to reach Illinois in about 1673. When they arrived, the Indians welcomed them. It was French explorers who gave Illinois its name by referring to the land where the Illini Indians lived as the Illinois.

What country originally claimed Illinois?

Illinois Country east of the Mississippi River along with what was then much of Ohio Country, became part of Illinois County, Virginia, claimed by right of conquest. Illinois Country.

Pays des Illinois
• Foundation of the first mission at the Grand Village of the Illinois 1675
• Transfer from French Canada to French Louisiana 1717


What was the first town settled in Illinois?

Priests of the Quebec Seminary of Foreign Missions found the Holy Family mission at Cahokia, the first permanent settlement in the Illinois country.

Who lived in Illinois before European settlers?

Before the Europeans arrived in Illinois the land was inhabited by a number of Native American tribes including the Illini, a confederation of around 12 different tribes. Throughout the 1700s other tribes moved into the area including the Iroquois, the Chippewa, the Potawatomi, and the Miami.

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How did the US get Illinois?

The first Europeans to visit Illinois were the French explorers Louis Jolliet and Jacques Marquette in 1673, but the region was ceded to Britain after the French and Indian War. After the American Revolution, Illinois became a territory of the United States, and achieved statehood in 1818.

Who are the indigenous people of Illinois?

Illinois, a confederation of small Algonquian-speaking North American Indian tribes originally spread over what are now southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois and parts of Missouri and Iowa. The best-known of the Illinois tribes were the Cahokia, Kaskaskia, Michigamea, Peoria, and Tamaroa.

Who were the first people of Illinois?

Native American tribes in Illinois were all Algonquian-speaking peoples: in the north were the Kickapoo, Sauk, and Fox; in the Lake Michigan area the Potawatomi, Ottawa, and Ojibwa ( Chippewa ); on the central prairies the Kaskaskia and Peoria; and in the south the Cahokia and Tamaroa.

Is Illinois a French word?

Illinois isn’t the version of the name; rather, it is the French pronunciation of the original word. The word Illinois is derived from the Native American word “iliniwok” or “illiniwek,” which literally means “best people”; it was used to refer to the 10 to 12 tribes found around the river.

Is Illinois an country?

Illinois, constituent state of the United States of America. It stretches southward 385 miles (620 km) from the Wisconsin border in the north to Cairo in the south.

What is the oldest community in Illinois?

Illinois may have become a state in 1818. But one town started long before that in Illinois history. The first settlement in Illinois was Fort Crevecoeur in 1680, or modern-day Peoria.

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What is the oldest suburb in Illinois?

Established in 1691 by the French explorer Henri de Tonti, Peoria was later labeled by the Peoria Historical Society to be the oldest European settlement in Illinois.

What is the newest town in Illinois?

New Minden is a village in Washington County, Illinois, United States. The population was 215 at the 2010 census. New Minden, Illinois.

New Minden
Country United States
State Illinois
County Washington


What Indian tribe is Illinois named after?

What does ” Illinois ” mean? According to native, the name Illinois is derived from the native American word “Illiniwek,” which is the tribal name of the Illini tribe. Literally, the name means “best people.”

What is Illinois historically famous for?

Illinois is known as the “Land of Lincoln” because it is here that the 16th President spent his formative years. Chicago gained prominence as a lake and canal port after 1848, and as a rail hub soon afterward. By 1857, Chicago was the state’s dominant metropolis. (see History of Chicago).

What year did Illinois?

Illinois was discovered in 1673, settled in 1720 and entered the Union on December 3, 1818.

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