Question: Which Of The Following European Powers Had The Largest Army At The Outbreak Of World War I?

Who had the largest army in ww1?

CLASS. When World War I broke out in 1914, the Russian Empire had the world’s largest standing army, with approximately 1,400,000 soldiers on active duty. The Russian Army bore the brunt of the fighting on the Eastern Front and also saw action on the Balkan Front and the Western Front.

Who were the great powers at the outbreak of war?

During the conflict, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire (the Central Powers ) fought against Great Britain, France, Russia, Italy, Romania, Japan and the United States (the Allied Powers ).

Which of the Central Powers had the largest army?

Germany – Germany had the largest army and was the primary leader of the Central Powers. Germany’s military strategy at the start of the war was called the Schlieffen Plan. This plan called for the quick takeover of France and Western Europe.

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Which country had the strongest army in Europe just prior to World War I?

Great Britain, before WWI, had the strongest navy, world’s richest country, most industrialized country, large population, largest empire. Empire = a dominant country and all territories or countries it controls. of 40 million, armed forces of 900,000.

Who was the weakest country in ww1?

Statistics related to WW1

Question Answer
Which country had the least soldiers in World War One? Turkey
Which country had the highest number of deaths? Germany
Which country had the least number of deaths? United States
Austria: Total number of servicemen engaged in the war? 7,800,000


Which country has the best soldiers in ww1?

In WWI the Germans probably had the best trained army but it’s impossible to tell conclusively because the technology at the time favoured defence.

What were the 4 main powers at the start of the war?

The Allies described the wartime military alliance of Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire as the ‘ Central Powers ‘. The name referred to the geographical location of the two original members of the alliance, Germany and Austria-Hungary, in central Europe.

Why did Germany lose ww1?

Germany failed to succeed in World War One because of three main reasons, the failure of the Schlieffen plan, nationalism, and the allies’ effective use of attrition warfare. The failure of the Schlieffen plan caused Germanys plan to fight a two front war almost impossible.

Which country had the largest navy in ww1?

In 1914 the British Royal Navy (RN) remained the largest in the world. Admiral Alfred von Tirpitz, supported by Kaiser Wilhelm II, had attempted to create a German navy that could match the RN, but the British had comfortably maintained their lead in the subsequent naval arms race.

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Who has the weakest military in ww1?

Originally Answered: Which country was the weakest in World War 1? Definitely Austria Hungary.

Did Germany have the best army in ww2?

In September 1939 the Allies, namely Great Britain, France, and Poland, were together superior in industrial resources, population, and military manpower, but the German Army, or Wehrmacht, because of its armament, training, doctrine, discipline, and fighting spirit, was the most efficient and effective fighting force

Who has the best army in ww2?

Top Ten Greatest Armies of World War II

  1. 1 United States. They were so incredibly powerful towards the end and after.
  2. 2 Germany.
  3. 3 England.
  4. 4 Russia.
  5. 5 Australia.
  6. 6 Canada.
  7. 7 Finland Finland, officially the Republic of Finland, is a sovereign state in Europe.
  8. 8 Japan.

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