Quick Answer: How To Adjust European Kitchen Cabinet Hinges?

How do European hinges work?

On a standard European hinge, one plate features a cup that rests inside a 35mm hole bored into the back of the cabinet door, while the other plate attaches to the interior side of the face-frame or frameless cabinet box.

How do I adjust the tension on my soft close hinges?

Shut the door so that the inner cabinet or cupboard is completely concealed. Take a moment to focus on the soft close hinge and find the adjustment tab. Look for gray or silver plunger in the center of the hinge. To confirm that it’s the adjustment tab, try pulling on it with the tip of your finger.

Why is my cupboard door not closing?

If the cabinet door fails to close completely or fails to stay closed, the spring tension is too light. Open the door and hold it open with one hand. When the door is in the open position it will expose two screws on each hinge. Turn the adjusting screws one-quarter turn counterclockwise and test the door.

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