Quick Answer: How To Use Stars In European War 4?

How do you get princesses in European War 4?

On princesses. To get any of them, you have to play conquest mode and play it well enough to finish below 60rounds. Europe is where all but one of the princesses can be won and the easiest game is as the Holy Roman Empire, or HRE, in 1798.

How do you win in European War 4?

6 Tips for Winning Campaign Battles in European War 4

  1. Flank Enemy Divisions. Flanking is crucial to winning battles in European War 4.
  2. Never Attack With a Flanked Division. Do not attack with your own flanked divisions.
  3. Stock up on Medikits.
  4. Keep Your Generals in the Battle.
  5. Save Your Battle Progress.
  6. Keep Your Distance With Artillery.

How do you get Sophia in European War 4?

Sophia. She is one of the best artillery generals in the game as well. You need to win a conquest in Europe under 65 rounds for her (250 years ruled).

How do you get a shield in European War 4?

how to earn free shields? You can earn 1 free royal emblem/ shield for every completed campaign where the average rating is very high. The only exception is Coalition campaign,you cant earn a free emblem here. So that means you can earn 5 emblems total,enough to get a tier 2 general for free.

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How do you upgrade generals in European War 4?

To upgrade your general, you first need to fill up the xp bar (which is shown underneath his portret and name), after that you need to press the upgrade button next to his title, select the correct title and press ennoble, which will cost a bit of gold.

How do you get a princess in European war 5?

In the Empire mode, as the level increases, the corresponding cities of the princesses are gradually opened. You can give the princesses different items in the city to increase their favorability. When the favorability reaches 100%, the corresponding princess can be unlocked.

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