Quick Answer: Riga Is The Capital Of Which Eastern European Country?

Which European country’s capital is Riga?

Riga, Latvian Rīga, city and capital of Latvia. It occupies both banks of the Daugava (Western Dvina) River, 9 miles (15 km) above its mouth on the Gulf of Riga. Pop.

Is Latvia in Western or Eastern Europe?

Although geographically Latvia has been declared situated in the UN Northern European Group since 2002, in the regional groups list Latvia still remains part of Eastern Europe. According to the UN, Latvia is part of Northern Europe.

Is Latvia in Northern or Eastern Europe?

Situated in north – eastern Europe with a coastline along the Baltic Sea, Latvia has borders with Estonia, Russia, Belarus and Lithuania.

Which country is Riga Latvia?

Being significantly larger than other cities of Latvia, Riga is the country’s primate city. It is also the largest city in the three Baltic states and is home to one tenth of the three Baltic states’ combined population. Riga.

Riga Rīga
Country Latvia
• Type City Council
• Mayor Mārtiņš Staķis


Is Riga German?

By 1913 Riga was just 13.5% German. The rise of a Latvian bourgeoisie made Riga a center of the Latvian National Awakening with the founding of the Riga Latvian Association in 1868 and the organization of the first national song festival in 1873.

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Is Riga a Courland?

Situated in western Latvia, Courland roughly corresponds to the former Latvian districts of Kuldīga, Liepāja, Saldus, Talsi, Tukums and Ventspils. To the north, Courland’s coast lies along the Gulf of Riga. On the west it is bordered by the Baltic Sea, and on the south by Lithuania.

Is Italy in Eastern Europe?

The Eastern and Southern Europe region of the Global Philanthropy Environment Index is both geographically and religiously diverse, and includes economies in Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovak Republic, and Ukraine) and Southern Europe (Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Spain).

Are Baltics Eastern Europe?

Baltic states, northeastern region of Europe containing the countries of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, on the eastern shores of the Baltic Sea. The Baltic states: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

What are the 25 Western European countries?

Countries Comprising Western Europe

  • Andorra.
  • Austria.
  • Belgium.
  • Bosnia-Herzegovinia.
  • Croatia.
  • Denmark.
  • Faeroe Islands.
  • Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

Is the UK part of Northern Europe?

Northern Europe can be divided into three parts: Scandinavia, the British Isles, and the Baltics. Finland was once part of Sweden, then Russia, before declaring independence in 1917. The Countries of Northern Europe.

Country United Kingdom
Population 67,886,011
Capital London
Area (square km) 242,500


Is Latvia in EU?

A referendum on European Union membership was held in Latvia on 20 September 2003. Latvia was the last of the states which would join the EU in 2004 to hold a referendum on the issue. Just over two-thirds of voters voted Yes and Latvia joined the EU on 1 May 2004.

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Is Riga a safe city?

Overall Riga is a fairly low crime city compared to other European Union capitals. In the Old Town area with its nightlife, markets and festivals can become crowded on the weekends with tourists and its popularity as a great spot for stag parties.

What currency is used in Riga?

As of January, 2014 the official currency in Latvia is EURO. The old currency LATS(LVL) is out – you can not use them in shops and markets. If for some reason you have some Lats left in your pocket, you can exchange them to Euros in the State Bank of Latvia(Latvijas Banka) or just keep them as a souvenir.

Is Latvia a 3rd world country?

02.07. 2019. In the field of anti-poverty policy, Latvia is the third poorest and most marginalized country, with a dramatic increase in the gap between the poor and the rich in recent years.

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