Quick Answer: What European Cultural Practice Was Considered Barbaric To The Chinese?

What statement best describes the Chinese opinion of Europeans during Emperor Qian Long Time?

Emperor Qian Long is one of the most prominent figures at the course of the Manchuria-led Qing Dynasty. He promoted the isolation of China towards any other nations surrounding it and made the Chinese people thought that the Europeans were deceptive and are considered as “unsanitary.”

What word best describes Yang guizi?

The correct answer to this question would be alternative B)”foul-breathed” Guizi is a Chinese slang term for foreigners, and it’s used as an insult, being even considered racist an deprecating. Yang Guizi is more related to Westerners, as if it were a specific term to insult Westerner foreigners.

What does the map tell you about how the Chinese see themselves in relation to the world?

Explanation: They often reflect values of the people who create them and define their place in the world. Maps were used for military and political purposes and show how China viewed itself in relation to the rest of the world. In China ownership of a map indicated sovereignty over the land it depicted.

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Which city was European trade with China Limited?

The major characteristics of the system developed between 1760 and 1842, when all foreign trade coming into China was confined to Canton and the foreign traders entering the city were subject to a series of regulations by the Chinese government.

What is Yang guizi?

Jia yang guizi (Chinese: 假洋鬼子; pinyin: jiǎ yáng guǐzi; lit. ‘fake Western/overseas devil’) — used to refer to “sellout” Chinese who adopt and worship Western values and are shameful/discriminatory to his own ethnic identity and cultural heritage.

How did the Chinese view the emperor?

People of China used to consider their emperor as ‘Son of Heaven’ who has the divine right to rule all the nations of the world. The Chinese emperors who belonged to the same family were added to the historical books of China as Dynasties.

Is China a safe country?

China on the whole is extremely safe. Crime against foreigners is rare, and violent crime, and incidents such as mugging and rape, against foreigners is extremely rare.

Why is China so big?

The growth of China into a large country has mainly been due to its history – a cycle of a single kingdom that implements feudalism (to varied extents), which then descends in separate kingdoms, and then the strongest kingdom would seek to unite all the separate parts together again, increasing in size each time.

Why is land so important to China?

The land must support a growing number of manufacturing centers. The land must produce enough food to feed an enormous population. The land is the source of food, fuel, and spiritual honor.

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Why did Europe want to increase trade with China?

Why were imperialist nations interested in China? Two reasons that Europeans wanted to increase trade with China are that the British wanted to set up western style diplomatic relations, and also find places to build more markets for the manufactured goods.

How did Japan respond to European traders and missionaries?

The major Japanese response to European exploration was one of isolation. The Japanese knew there were things that the Westerners could sell them that they wanted. So they allowed very limited amounts of trade to be conducted through the port of Nagasaki in Southern Japan.

How did the Chinese view their country’s place in the world?

Question: How did the Chinese view their country’s place in the world? *A. They named it the “Middle Kingdom,” indicating that it was the center of the world.

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