Quick Answer: What Is European White?

What is considered European descent?

European Americans (also referred to as Euro-Americans) are Americans of European ancestry. This term includes people who are descended from the first European settlers in America as well as people who are descended from more recent European arrivals.

Is white European British?

The term Other White is a classification of ethnicity in the United Kingdom and has been used in documents such as the 2011 UK Census to describe people who self-identify as white (chiefly European ) persons who are not of the English, Welsh, Scottish, Romani or Irish ethnic groupings.

Is white polish an ethnicity?

White Polish is an ethnicity classification used in Scotland at the 2011 United Kingdom Census. In the census, the White Polish population was 61,201 or 1.16% of the total population in Scotland.

Is American an origin for census?

According to 2000 U.S census data, an increasing number of United States citizens identify simply as ” American ” on the question of ancestry. The Census Bureau reports the number of people in the United States who reported ” American ” and no other ancestry increased from 12.4 million in 1990 to 20.2 million in 2000.

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What are the three European races?

Second section. The second part of the book reviews European prehistory as it was known at the time of writing of the book, and then postulates the existence of three White European races, which Grant defines as Nordic, Alpine, and Mediterranean, as well as their physical and mental characteristics.

What is the majority race in Europe?

The Russians are the largest European ethnic group, with a population over 134 million.

What is the whitest borough in London?


Rank London Borough White British Population
1 Bromley 239,478
2 Barnet 162,117
3 Wandsworth 163,739
4 Havering 197,615


What is the whitest city in the UK?

Within the London region, Havering has the highest White British percentage with 83.3%, followed by Bromley with 77.4%, Bexley with 77.3% and Richmond upon Thames with 71.4%. Population and distribution.

UK Region North East England
‡ White British population 2,431,423
Percentage of local population 93.6%
Year 2011


What ethnicity does Italian fall under?

Italy doesn’t count its population by colour. But it would be fair to say that the country is overwhelmingly white: the National Institute for Statistics reports that more than 92% of the country is ethnic Italian, which is often interpreted in practical terms as white.

How do you determine your ethnicity?

People tend to inherit groups of SNPs together, called a haplotype. When Ancestry analyzes your DNA, they’re dividing it up into smaller chunks and assigning each chunk an “ ethnicity ” by comparing the haplotype to those of people in the company’s reference panel groups.

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Is English an ethnicity?

The English people are an ethnic group and nation native to England, who speak the English language and share a common history and culture. The English identity is of early medieval origin, when they were known in Old English as the Angelcynn (‘family of the Angles’).

Is polish an ethnic minority in UK?

The 2011 census confirmed Poles as the second-largest foreign community in Britain.

What are the 3 human races?

The main human races are Caucasoid, Mongoloids (including Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, and American Indians, etc.), and Negroid. Khoisanoids or Capoids (Bushmen and Hottentots) and Pacific races (Australian aborigines, Polynesians, Melanesians, and Indonesians) may also be distinguished.

What are the five races?

The revised standards contain five minimum categories for race: American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, Black or African American, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, and White.

Are Americans British?

English Americans, or Anglo- Americans, are Americans whose ancestry originates wholly or partly in England. In the 2019 American Community Survey, 23.59 million self-identified as being of English origin. 100.0.

Colonial English ancestry 1776
Colonies Percent of approx population
Middle 40.6
Southern 37.4

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