Readers ask: How Was The Arab Settlement Of West Africa Similar To The European Settlement Of North America?

How did Islam and Christianity differ in their invasion of Africa?

Answer: Europeans sought commerce, while the Arabs sought the spread of culture. Explanation: Islam and Christianity differed in their invasions of Africa because Europeans sought commerce, while the Arabs sought the spread of culture.

What has been a lasting impact of European colonialism?

Answer Expert Verified. A lasting impact of European colonialism was the creation of A. artificial boundaries created by colonial rulers brought together and separated people arbitrarily.

Which of the following documents stated that South Africa belongs to all who live in it black and white?

The answer is the Freedom Charter.

Is this statement true or false on the whole Europe’s colonization of Africa actually underdeveloped the continent?

It is true that Europe’s colonization of Africa actually underdeveloped the continent.

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What are the similarities between African traditional religion and Christianity?

The Christian idea of church has similarities with African traditional life in which brotherhood and the extended family play a central role. The Church is the Christian family, in which all are accompanied to one another through belief and baptism in Jesus Christ.

What is the most popular religion in Africa?

Christianity is now one of the most widely practiced religions in Africa along with Islam and is the largest religion in Sub-Saharan Africa.

What has been a lasting impact of European colonialism in Africa?

Colonialism had a huge impact on the lives of Africans. Economic policies were adopted by Europeans who destroyed the colonies, rather than help them. Africa was damaged economically, politically, and culturally. Africa’s traditional lifestyles and culture were destroyed.

What are 3 reasons for colonization?

Historians generally recognize three motives for European exploration and colonization in the New World: God, gold, and glory.

How did Europe benefit from colonization?

As Europeans moved beyond exploration and into colonization of the Americas, they brought changes to virtually every aspect of the land and its people, from trade and hunting to warfare and personal property. European goods, ideas, and diseases shaped the changing continent.

Who wrote the South African Freedom Charter?

Mathews, Lionel “Rusty” Bernstein, Ethel Drus, Ruth First and Alan Lipman (whose wife, Beata Lipman, hand-wrote the original Charter). The Charter was officially adopted on Sunday 26 June 1955 at a gathering of about 3,000 people, known as the Congress of the People in Kliptown, Soweto.

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Why did the Pac split from the ANC?

It was founded by an Africanist group, led by Robert Sobukwe, that broke away from the African National Congress (ANC), as the PAC objected to the ANC’s multiracialist worldview, instead advocating a South Africa based on Black nationalism, to the exclusion of other ethnicities or nationalities.

What best describes the Songhai society?

Songhai society traditionally was highly structured, comprising a king and nobility, free commoners, artisans, griots (bards and chroniclers), and slaves. Marriage could be polygynous, cross cousins being preferred partners. Descent and succession are patrilineal.

Why is Africa not industrialized?

partly because technology is reducing the demand for low-skilled workers.” Another reason, says the magazine, is that weak infrastructure—lack of electricity, poor roads and congested ports—drives up the cost of moving raw materials and shipping out finished goods.

What are the causes of underdevelopment in Africa?

According to modernization theories, endogenous factors in the countries, such as traditional, illiteracy, the traditional attitude of the population, agrarian structure, the low division of labour, the lack of communication and infrastructure, etc., are answerable for underdevelopment.

How many countries are in Africa?

How many countries are there in Africa? 48 countries share the area of mainland Africa, plus six island nations are considered to be part of the continent. All in all, there are 54 sovereign African countries and two disputed areas, namely Somaliland and Western Sahara (see the list of African countries below).

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