Readers ask: What Do European Rabbits Eat?

Can you keep a European Rabbit?

As a non-domesticated species, European Rabbits are wary of humans and easily scared. These rabbits are not meant to be pets, being raised in captivity will significantly shorten their lifespan. Although not very friendly when it comes to people, these rabbits are social when it comes to other members of their breed.

What are the European rabbits predators?

Predators. The European rabbit is prey to many different predatory species. Foxes, dingoes, wolves, lynxes, wolverines and dogs kill both adult and young rabbits by stalking and surprising them in the open.

How many babies do European rabbits have?

Gestation is about 30 days, and the average litter contains 5 to 6 young. Females experience postpartum estrus and thus may have several litters per year.

Why are European rabbits a problem?

Their numbers became so large that they destroyed crops and land, leading to soil erosion. They also negatively affected agriculture and plants by overgrazing. Not only did the rabbits wreak havoc on Australian croplands, they contributed to the decline of native plant and animal species.

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What country has the most rabbits?

China raises the most rabbits (235 million), followed closely by Uzbekistan (195 million), and then Kazakhstan, Italy, and Tajikistan.. Breeding The Most Rabbits.

Rank Country 1000 Head
1 China, mainland 230,139
2 Democratic People’s Republic of Korea 32,009
3 Italy 6,109
4 Egypt 5,600

How does the European rabbit spread?

The European rabbit was brought to Australia as a companion animal by early settlers. In 1879 wild rabbits were deliberately sent to Victoria to provide game for wealthy settlers to shoot. They soon spread all over Australia, except in the tropics, and became Australia’s major animal pest.

Do wild rabbits eat carrots?

Although carrots are a very popular food for rabbits, they are high in carbohydrates and should only be fed in small quantities(only half a carrot every other day). Feed the wild rabbits a smaller amount of carrots than the other vegetables. Wild rabbits also enjoy eating clover and watercress.

Where does the European wild rabbit live?

Feral rabbits can be found in many different habitats across Australia, ranging from deserts to coastal plains — wherever there is suitable soil for digging warrens. They are scarce in areas with clay soils and abundant where soils are deep and sandy, such as in the north-east of South Australia.

What animals do rabbits compete with for food?

Rabbits both compete with native animals for food and shelter and act as easy prey for abundant populations of cats and foxes. By over-grazing vegetation and reducing habitat complexity, they make hunting easier for introduced predators. Food webs are complex.

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What does a European Rabbit look like?

Identification: The European rabbit is grayish brown with mixed black, brown and reddish hairs on its back, light brown to beige fur on its underside, a beige ring around its eyes, and long black-tipped ears.

What is the common name of European rabbit?


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Adult Oryctolagus cuniculus (European rabbit); First year adult. Austin’s Ferry, Tasmania, Australia. January 2008. ©J.J. Harrison/via flickr – CC BY-SA 2.0

Do rabbits mate for life?

Finding a friend for your altered (spayed or neutered) rabbit is one of the most rewarding things you can do for both of you. In the wild, rabbits mate for life and in captivity, the same applies. Secrets of Bonding Rabbits: Matchmaking for Bunnies, Part 2 – coming back soon! Your bunny has chosen a mate!

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