Readers ask: What Does European Health Insurance Cover?

What is covered by European health insurance card?

An EHIC or GHIC covers state healthcare, not private treatment. With an EHIC or GHIC you can get emergency or necessary medical care for the same cost as a resident in the country you’re visiting. This means that you can get healthcare at a reduced cost or for free.

What is the benefit of European health insurance card?

This card allows you to, in case of emergency, receive health care abroad – that is, you do not need to return to your country to be treated. With this card, the person is treated on the foreign country as a beneficiary of the social security system of that country.

Does European health insurance card cover dental treatment?

You’ll be charged small fees for all medical and dental treatment, although ambulances are free. There is a single prescription charge that covers all items on the prescription. Emergency hospital treatment and doctors’ appointments are free if they’re through public health service providers.

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Is the European health insurance card free?

An EHIC or GHIC is free of charge. Your card will normally arrive within 10 days. If you’re applying from Northern Ireland, from Spring 2021 you’ll have the choice of a standard GHIC with a union flag or one with a plain background.

How does European health care work?

Healthcare in Europe is provided through a wide range of different systems run at individual national levels. Most European countries have a system of tightly regulated, competing private health insurance companies, with government subsidies available for citizens who cannot afford coverage.

What happens if you dont have an EHIC card?

If you find yourself without your GHIC or EHIC in an emergency, you can get a Provisional Replacement Certificate (PRC) to prove your entitlement. For this, call the NHS Overseas Healthcare Service on 0044 191 218 1999 – see the NHS website for more information. 7

Do you still need a European health insurance card?

If you are planning a holiday in a country in the European Union (EU), you might be wondering whether your European Health Insurance Card ( EHIC ) will still be valid. As part of the deal announced on 24 December 2020, the UK and the EU agreed that the cards can still be used until their expiry dates.

Who is entitled to a EHIC card?

The European Health Insurance Card ( EHIC ) is issued free of charge and allows anyone who is insured by or covered by a statutory social security scheme of the EEA countries and Switzerland to receive medical treatment in another member state free or at a reduced cost, if that treatment becomes necessary during their

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How much does Ehic cost?

Both the Ehic and Ghic are free and should be applied for using the NHS website. There’s no need to pay for an Ehic or Ghic, so avoid unofficial websites that ask for payment. Applicants must be 16 or over and will need to create an account using the form.

What countries does EHIC cover?

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is a free card that gives you access to medically necessary, state-provided healthcare during a temporary stay in any of the 28 EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, under the same conditions and at the same cost (free in some countries) as people

What is the cost of health insurance in Spain?

Private health insurance in Spain usually costs between €50-200 a month, depending on the coverage plan. Some of the largest private health insurance companies in Spain include: Allianz Care.

What does the GHIC card cover?

A GHIC or EHIC only covers you for some medical expenses at state facilities. As well as full medical cover, travel insurance also includes flight delays and cancellations, lost or stolen baggage, and even repatriation.

Is it worth renewing my EHIC card?

Until a new initiative is in place, you should check what the agreement is with the country you’re visiting as EHIC may not be valid. Make sure you have travel insurance too (you really should have this anyway). The short answer is yes, you should renew your card.

What do I do if my European health insurance card has expired?

If you have a UK European Health Insurance Card ( EHIC ) it will be valid until the expiry date on the card. Once it expires, you’ll need to apply for a GHIC to replace it. GHIC and EHIC do not replace travel insurance.

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