Readers ask: What Is A European?

What is a European person?

: a person born, raised, or living in Europe also: a native or resident of the continent of Europe rather than Britain.: a person who is descended from Europeans.

What nationality is European?

Western Europe

Country Adjective Nationality
Austria Austrian Austrian
Belgium Belgian Belgian
France French French
Germany German German

What does European mean in slang?

Definitions include: a marijuana cigarette; “joint”. give (one’s) right arm for.

Are British considered European?

The answer to the question “Is Britain European?” has to be “yes, but not only.” Britain’s European identity can only ever be a partial one, for Britain has always been and will remain – so long as there is a Britain – a country of multiple, overlapping identities.

Are you EU nationality?

Citizenship of the European Union is afforded to all citizens of European Union member states. It was formally created with the adoption of the 1992 Maastricht Treaty, at the same time as the creation of the European Union ( EU ). EU Citizenship is additional to, and does not replace, national citizenship.

What does European look mean?

This method involves starting with a basic picture of a face then changing random features: sometimes the eyes are darker, then a slightly more rounded jaw line, and so on. This results in hundreds of pictures that resemble each other, but differ slightly.

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What country in Europe starts with B?

Europe – countries, languages, inhabitants, capitals

Nationality plates Country Capital
B Belgium Brussels
BIH Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo
BG Bulgaria Sofia
HR Croatia Zagreb


Is white European British?

The term Other White is a classification of ethnicity in the United Kingdom and has been used in documents such as the 2011 UK Census to describe people who self-identify as white (chiefly European ) persons who are not of the English, Welsh, Scottish, Romani or Irish ethnic groupings.

What are the 54 countries in Europe?


  • Russia (39.7%)
  • Ukraine (6.0%)
  • France (5.5%)
  • Spain (5.0%)
  • Sweden (4.5%)
  • Norway (3.9%)
  • Germany (3.6%)
  • Finland (3.4%)

Are Europeans correct?

‘An’ is used before words which begin with a vowel sound. Note that we are talking about sounds and not spelling. For example the word ” European ” begins with the vowel letter ‘e’ but it is pronounced with the consonant sound / j /. Therefore we say and write, “He’s British but he thinks of himself as a European.”

Is England in Europe yes or no?

England, just as the rest of the UK, is located in the continent of Europe. However, the Northern Sea and the English Channel separates it from continental Europe. England is located on the British Isle in the north of the Atlantic Ocean.

How is England connected to Europe?

The Channel Tunnel (French: Le tunnel sous la Manche), also referred to as the Eurotunnel or Chunnel, is a 50.45-kilometre (31.35 mi) railway tunnel that connects Folkestone (Kent, England, UK ) with Coquelles (Hauts-de-France, France) beneath the English Channel at the Strait of Dover.

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Is Canada in Europe?

While conceding that Canada, located in Northern America, and Europe are over 3,000 km (1,900 mi) distant, being separated by the North Atlantic, proponents note that the EU already has a member outside Europe, Cyprus, that is geographically in Western Asia.

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