Readers ask: Which Crusade Was Personally Led By Three European Kings?

When Frederick Barbarossa the Holy Roman Emperor attempted to reassert his domination over wealthy northern Italian cities the pope?

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Frederick Barbarossa, the Holy Roman emperor, attempted to reassert his domination of wealthy northern Italian cities, causing the pope to sanction Milan’s formation of an anti-German alliance, the Lombard League.


Who was the English king who led the Third Crusade quizlet?

King Richard I of England led the third crusade to try to regain Christian control of Jerusalem from the Muslims.

Was the first monarch to rule a united crown of Aragon?

The first ruler to rule a united crown of Aragon was: King Alfonso II.

Who established French administration that balance local bureaucratic structures with centrally appointed royal overseers?

 the sacrament of the mass French administration that balanced local bureaucratic structures and centrally appointed royal overseers was established by  Philip II, “Augustus.” Henry II came into conflict with the church and its leaders, because he  believed that clerics who committed serious crimes should be tried

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When did Italy leave the HRE?

Another possible answer is 1797, when the Emperor renounced all his residual rights in Italy in the Treaty of Campo Formio, just nine years before the Empire itself was finally dissolved.

Why was Venice not in the Holy Roman Empire?

Charlemagne had designs on Venice, but failed to conquer it. As a result, Charlemagne recognized Venice as Byzantine territory. Over time, as the Byzantine declined, Venice obtained special privileges (such as exemption from trade tax) and became de-facto independent.

What was most responsible for the spread of the bubonic plague to Europe?

Which group was most responsible for the spread of the bubonic plague to Europe? The genoese were the most responsible for bringing the Black Death to Europe.

Who was the English king that led the Third Crusade?

Spurred by religious zeal, King Henry II of England and King Philip II of France (known as “Philip Augustus”) ended their conflict with each other to lead a new crusade.

What was the most important effect of the Hundred Years War?

The Hundred Years War inflicted untold misery on France. Farmlands were laid waste, the population was decimated by war, famine, and the Black Death (see plague), and marauders terrorized the countryside.

What is the capital of Aragon?

Aragon was established as an autonomous community by the statute of autonomy of Aug. 10, 1982. The capital is Zaragoza. Area 18,411 square miles (47,697 square km).

Who was the first king of Aragon?

Ramiro I (bef. 1007 – 8 May 1063) was the first King of Aragon from 1035 until his death, although he is sometimes described as a petty king. He would expand the nascent Kingdom of Aragon through his acquisition of territories, such as Sobrarbe and Ribagorza, and the city of Sangüesa.

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What is the religion of Aragon?

Kingdom of Aragon

Kingdom of Aragon Reino d’Aragón (in Aragonese) Regne d’Aragó (in Catalan) Regnum Aragonum (in Latin) Reino de Aragón (in Spanish)
Religion Roman Catholicism
Government Feudal monarchy
Legislature Cortes of Aragon
Historical era Medieval / Early Modern


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